Trinity Tots Preschool

Sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church
304 Juniata Street PO Box F Mifflin PA 17058


Preschool Policies

Snack Guidelines


Snack is an important time for Preschool children. This is a time to practice good manners and develop good eating habits. Children take turns being "the one who brings in the snack." We request that snacks be low in sugar and high in nutrition. A Snack Calendar will be provided to each parent at the beginning of each month. If the snack should be forgotten, the staff will choose from a small supply of items on hand and you will be asked to replace the stock for these "forgotten days" as soon as possible. Your child will still be acknowledged as "the person bringing in a snack." Juice (such as apple) or milk would be an appropriate drink for the children. A 64 oz. container will be more than sufficient. Dixie cups and napkins will be provided by the Preschool. We do not recommend foods such as chips or soda be provided. When sending beverages, a can or bottle is preferred rather than individual Following is a list of suggestions that may be helpful in planning a nutritious snack. You probably have many of your own ideas which we urge you to use. Suggestions: crackers­plain or with peanut butter or cheese, fresh or canned fruit, pudding/finger Jell­o, granola bars, mini muffins, applesauce, hull­less popcorn, vegetables, peanut butter cookies. The snack calendar will be arranged so that your child will have the snack on or near his/her birthday. Summer birthday snacks will be worked into the calendar, too. If you would like to provide cupcakes or other birthday snacks on that special day, you are more than welcome to do so.


Daily Schedules


Children should arrive as close to the starting time as possible. Prior to class time, teachers will be preparing the day’s activities; therefore, please do not bring your children earlier than five minutes before class is scheduled to start. On the other hand, please have your child here on time so his or her late arrival does not disrupt the Class Circle Time. It is also important that you pick your child up in a timely manner when class is done for the day. Please use the entrance on Tuscarora Street to enter the Preschool Area. Please do not leave your child unattended. The routine of the day is semi­structured. The class day includes: stories, games, music, circle time, crafts, learning activities and play time. Time is incorporated into the day for clean­ up and snack.


Dress Code


Children should wear comfortable, washable play clothing. We provide paint aprons, but cannot guarantee that children will not get clothing soiled. Children should be able to play freely without worry of disappointing parents with "dirty clothes." Children should be able to dress/undress themselves as much as possible at bathroom time, and when arriving at and departing from school.


Proper footwear is a must. We are very active and find that sneakers or rubber soled shoes are safest. During the winter months, please send shoes if boots are worn. Boots are too awkward and become too hot and uncomfortable if worn the entire class day.


Toilet Training


Being toilet trained is one of the requirements for attendance. We realize this may be a "borderline" accomplishment and we are willing to work with the situation. If an occasional accident occurs, we will try to deal with it in the least embarrassing manner.


Tuscarora Intermediate Unit


A therapist from the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit visits our school on a regular basis. If the teacher feels that your child might be a candidate for therapy (such as speech therapy), she will discuss her observations confidentially with you. If the parent is in agreement, the child will be referred for an assessment. Any therapy which is needed is done in our Preschool Area during class time at no charge to you.


Health and Safety


Before a child attends class, it is imperative that the Emergency Information Form be completed and on file in our office. If there is a change in the information provided, it is the responsibility of the parents to update our records as soon as possible. Pictures of the children will be taken during classroom and field trip experiences. If you do not want your child’s picture published, please notify the Preschool in writing.

By law, our Preschool teachers are mandated reporters. This means we must report any suspected child abuse or neglect. If a parent does not wish to permit medical treatment for a child or does not want first aid supplies used for minor accidents, the parent must submit a prior written statement to this effect.


We cannot escape the common cold, but in consideration for other children in the class, we request that a child with runny nose, red watery eyes, excessive coughing, fever, vomiting or diarrhea remain at home. If your child contacts a communicable disease, please contact the school so we may alert It is not necessary to send a written excuse for missed days; however, we do appreciate a phone call alerting us of an absence.


Monthly fire drills will be held to acquaint the children with proper evacuation procedures in case of emergency.

Solicitation Policy

Although the teachers appreciate the opportunities provided by parent fund-raising projects, the board would appreciate your cooperation by not asking them to participate. Please understand that it is impossible for them to purchase something from every child in the Preschool.


Discipline Policy


Unacceptable Behavior

1. Frequent talking out of turn

2. Not keeping hands to oneself (touching, pinching, hitting, kicking, playing with neighbor’s hair)

3. Not staying on carpet square or moving square to a new place

4. Defiance toward teachers–arguing

5. Inappropriate/bad language

6. Inappropriate use of toys (throwing, hitting, standing on kitchen set)

7. Inappropriate bathroom use (use toilet, wash hands and back to carpet immediately is appropriate use)

8. Irreverence during snack song

9. Inappropriate behavior during snack time (purposely crushing food, food, undesirable use of language [potty talk])


Corrective Actions

1. Verbal warning–redirect

2. "1,2,3 Magic"

3. Time out when child reaches #3: one minute for each year of child’s age.

4. If a child has repeated " time­outs" during one class period, he or she will miss play time in 5 minute increments. We will also talk to parent at the end

5. Snack time: Child may be separated from others during snack time if repetition of offense continues.

6. If all other attempts to discipline the child fail, the child will not be able to return to school for one school day.

7. Additional corrective action may be taken as necessary per Preschool


Positive Reinforcements

1. Affirmative verbal praise for desirable behavior.

2. Sticker charts: 5 "good behavior" stickers in a row entitles child to one trip

3. Student of the Week: photo is taken of child and placed on the "Wall of Fame"