Trinity Tots Preschool

Sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church
304 Juniata Street PO Box F Mifflin PA 17058


Parents' Responsibilities for Preschool




Masks must be warn by adults and pre-school children unless medically exempt. 


Mark Clothing

It is very difficult to sort out many pairs of boots, sweaters, etc. Please see that articles of outer clothing are clearly marked.


Paint Shirts

Throughout the year, we will be painting and doing other projects. Plastic paint shirts will be provided for your child to use.



Please refrain from allowing your child to bring toys from home. There will be special Show and Tell Days when we encourage the children to bring something special to share from home. Children may also bring something for Show and Tell on their designated snack day. We will not permit any guns, war toys, knives, or other toys of destruction at any time. Children do need to express their feelings of aggression, and we will attempt to direct them to more positive ways of doing this.



We serve a mid­morning or mid­afternoon snack. We request that parents take turns providing a healthy treat and drink for this daily snack. We will provide napkins and cups, although you may send your own cups and/or napkins if you choose. We will send snack calendars home with your child.



We look forward to celebrating birthdays in school. We will work each child’s birthday into our snack calendar. For those children with summer birthdays, we will schedule a birthday snack sometime during the school year.


Car Pools

Please feel free to contact other parents to arrange car pooling situations. Our teachers will not transport children to and from school.


Potty Training/ Extra Clothes

Please work with your child to ensure that he or she is daytime potty trained. In case of potty, craft or outside play incidents, an extra set of clothing will be provided from our supply here at Preschool. Please wash and return these outfits to Preschool promptly.



Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school. Please use the parking facilities at the rear of the church. Please accompany your child to the classroom using the side door on Tuscarora Street to enter. All outerwear should be left at the coat rack unit inside the door prior to entering the classroom area. Please remind your child to walk down the ramp and into the class area.


Regular attendance is important to your child’s progress. However, in case of illness, it is much better for your child and for the group as a whole if he or she remains at home. Please notify the teachers if your child is absent due to a communicable illness, such as Chicken Pox. Periodic head checks will be conducted to check for head lice. In the event a child is found to be infected, the child will be sent home until such time as he or she is nit free.


Parents should administer prescriptions before or after class time.


Mailboxes may be used to distribute cards to all classmates. If invitations or other cards are only going to select children, then the Preschool asks that you distribute them by another means. This alleviates the potential for disappointment of children not included.

Drug Free Zone

The Preschool Area, as well as all Preschool activities, will be considered drug, tobacco and alcohol free. The Preschool promotes a healthy lifestyle and will not tolerate the use of the above substances.



Trinity Tots will have one or two fund­raisers during the school year. The proceeds from these fund­raisers allow us to purchase extra items for use in the Preschool. Your participation is strongly encouraged.