Trinity Tots Preschool

Sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church
304 Juniata Street PO Box F Mifflin PA 17058


Trinity Tot Goals

What Your Child Learns at Nursery School

  • Socialization

  • Name Recognition

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Numbers (Counting)

  • Basic Animal and Plant Life

  • Nursery Rhymes

  • Hygiene and Health

  • Transportation and Communication

  • Seasons

  • Families

  • Communities

  • Weather Concepts

  • Fitness and Exercise

  • Bible Stories and Songs

What Your Child Learns at Pre- K School

  • Socialization

  • Color Review

  • Shape Review

  • Plant/Animal Life

  • Alphabet and Writing Practice

  • Name Writing

  • Numbers (Counting and Writing)

  • Size Concepts (i.e., big, bigger, biggest)

  • Health and Hygiene

  • Fitness and Exercise

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Seasons

  • Holidays

  • Communities

  • Transportation and Communication

  • Families

  • Nutrition

  • The Five Senses

  • Weather Concepts

  • Interesting Field Trips

  • Bible Stories and Songs

  • To get along with the teachers and the other children­­to be cheerful, cooperative, courteous, fair

  • To share­ toys, ideas, games, experiences, even a birthday

  •  To explore­­ handling, manipulating, discovering what it is, what makes it

  •  To express oneself with play dough, paint, crayons, paste, scissors, music

  •  To listen – to a story, to teachers’ directions, to classmates, to what

  •  To look at books, to love them

  •  To use new words–drawn from trips, experiences, books, pictures, imaginary play

  •  To care for one’s self and their belongings, to attend their own bathroom needs, to return each toy and tool to its proper place

  •  To eat with others–to relax, to practice good manners

  •  To think of others–a gift for a family member or someone else, a kind word to a friend feeling sad

  •  To protect self–and know those in the community whose duty it is to help protect him

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